Our Environmental Policy

Here at Cornwall Planning Group, we understand that the plans we create lead to structures that will stand for years to come, with our designs holding the potential to encourage a certain way of living. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that the lifestyle we promote has as little impact on the environment as possible - instead, we champion sustainable, ethical consumption!

This belief isn’t just limited to our work either, we incorporate it into our everyday lives, whether that’s the paper we draw on or the clients we work with. Here’s a quick rundown of how our team is leading the way in environmental conservation:


Our Office


Ultimately looking to eliminate using fossil fuels altogether, we have already taken the first steps towards sustainable energy provision to our office by installing solar panels and subscribing to 100% renewable tariffs. Whilst this drastically reduces the impact of our electricity production, we still aim to keep our overall use of energy to a minimum in order to really keep our CO2 emissions down.

Be it through prioritising energy performance ratings when ordering electronic equipment, installing low flow taps, having a rainwater harvesting system for our toilets or being responsible in our heating habits, we generally stay energy conscious in everything we do. To us, reducing, reusing and recycling means everything from giving our end-of-life computer and electrical equipment to local charities to closing every window and making sure all our equipment is turned off at night!


Our Travel


Our duty isn’t restricted to the four walls of our office. Our work involves collaborating with a host of external clients and suppliers, who we often meet with in person; meaning our transport habits are just as important as those at our desks. We encourage walking, cycling, catching a bus or train and sharing a car journey within the team, even having our very own communal work van to attend meetings in. The energy efficient (yet stylish!) diesel motor helps us to reduce our road vehicle CO2 emissions by as much as 30%.  


Our Equipment


Finally, we only purchase products and use providers who match our environmental and ethical ethos. This includes avoiding products containing any harmful substances and primarily purchasing from small local companies, in order to support widespread sustainability in the industry as a whole.

All this culminates in a healthy working environment for our staff, who are willing to go above and beyond to maintain our policy and what it represents. From here, our efforts will only increase in scale and ambition. Our plans will continue to incorporate and promote sustainability for our clients and, as our own team grows, this multiplier effect will become stronger as our beliefs spread across Cornwall – and beyond!