Arcady Heights

Newlyn, Cornwall
Residential Dwellings

Discover Arcady Heights, an exquisite collection of new homes nestled on a picturesque hillside in Newlyn. With panoramic views of the historic harbour and beyond, these homes offer a truly captivating living experience.

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Each of these homes features spacious interiors, dedicated parking, and a private garden that seamlessly blends with the area’s architectural style. Meticulous attention has been given to every detail, ensuring a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere.

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Situated on Chywoone, one of Newlyn’s scenic hills, Arcady Heights offers expansive grounds and three-story homes that harmonise with the local vernacular. Sustainable features like solar roof panels and renewable heat pumps ensure eco-friendly living. The innovative design places the living quarters on the top floor, flooding the space with natural light and showcasing breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding greenery.

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Newlyn’s rich heritage as a fishing village, intertwined with artistry and cultural charm, makes it a distinctive and vibrant community. With easy access to Penzance and excellent connectivity, Arcady Heights is a remarkable addition to this enchanting town.

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With a deep understanding of architectural design and regulatory requirements, Cornwall Planning Group has crafted comprehensive and detailed drawings that showcase the vision and intricacy of this exceptional development. Every aspect, from the placement of living quarters to the integration of sustainable features, has been carefully considered and executed to ensure a harmonious and sophisticated living experience. Cornwall Planning Group’s dedication to delivering high-quality and compliant designs is evident in their exceptional drawings, setting the stage for the realisation of Arcady Heights as a truly remarkable residential haven.