Chapel Street

Penzance, Cornwall

29 Chapel Street is a remarkable mid-terrace townhouse that graces the heart of Penzance’s most illustrious street. Nestled amidst the historical tapestry of Chapel Street, this property exudes charm and character. The street itself boasts a captivating array of local shops and businesses, housed within buildings that have withstood the test of time since their construction in the mid-18th century. It’s a place where history mingles effortlessly with contemporary life, creating an enchanting atmosphere that draws people in from near and far.

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However, what truly sets 29 Chapel Street apart is its transformation from a house of multiple occupation into four distinct, self-contained apartments. The works have been executed with unparalleled finesse, skillfully blending the property’s historical elements with modern living conveniences. The result is a harmonious fusion of old-world charm and contemporary luxury. To the rear of the property, it offers breath taking views overlooking Penzance Harbour and the iconic silhouette of St. Michael’s Mount in the distance.

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At the core of this successful renovation lies the invaluable expertise of Cornwall Planning Groups. Their adept navigation of planning and regulatory processes, securing necessary planning approvals, and ensuring compliance with building regulations was pivotal. Thanks to their guidance, 29 Chapel Street stands as a testament to historical preservation and modern convenience.

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29 Chapel Street is not just a collection of apartments; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Penzance’s historic charm and the possibilities of marrying the past with the present. As residents or visitors walk through its doors, they are welcomed into a space where every corner tells a story, and where the views, both inside and out, are nothing short of extraordinary.