Rosemorran Manor House

Gulval, Penzance
Residential Dwellings

Rosemorran Manor House is a delightful Grade II* listed Cornish Long House with six bedrooms, situated on an elevated position spanning 2.37 acres of land. This exceptional property offers stunning views overlooking Mounts Bay, adding to its allure and charm.

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With its origins dating back to the Tudor period, Rosemorran Manor House is steeped in history and character. Originally built as a Cornish Long House, records indicate habitation as far back as 1591. It is also reputed to possess the longest thatched roof in Cornwall, adding to its unique appeal.

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This handsome property has undergone a beautiful refurbishment, showcasing the perfect blend of preserving its historical elements while incorporating modern features. The result is a versatile and captivating living space that caters to contemporary needs.

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The manor house offers six spacious bedrooms, providing ample accommodation for a family or those who appreciate generous living spaces. The interior design and layout have been thoughtfully planned to create a harmonious flow throughout the house.

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The property’s listed status adds to its charm, as it ensures the preservation of its historical significance and architectural integrity. Living in a Grade II* listed home offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history while enjoying the comforts of a refurbished and well-maintained residence.

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Rosemorran Manor House boasts extensive grounds, spanning 2.37 acres, allowing for various outdoor activities and potential development options. The elevated position of the property offers breathtaking views of Mounts Bay, further enhancing the overall appeal and providing a sense of tranquility.

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Overall, Rosemorran Manor House is an incredibly attractive and interesting property that showcases the rich history and architectural beauty of Cornwall. With its stunning views, extensive grounds, and meticulous refurbishment, this Grade II* listed Cornish Long House offers a versatile and captivating living space for those seeking a unique and charming home.

Cornwall Planning Groups provided their expertise and knowledge in navigating the planning and regulatory processes. Their assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals and providing building regulations helped to ensure that the project for Rosemorran Manor House was carried out in compliance with the relevant legal and safety requirements.

An absolute pleasure to work on.