Little In Sight

St. Ives, Cornwall
Residential Dwellings
Parc Owles Design & Development Limited

Located in the heart of St. Ives, this property is something of a local celebrity having hosted a series of renowned local artists as both a home and workplace from as early as the 1960’s. Briefed by our client to honour the property’s esteemed history, our plans intended to modernise Little In Sight with high-spec contemporary upgrades; making it the perfect combination of past and present.

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Emphasising a continuous flow of space and light between the interior and exterior living areas, we kept our room designs minimalistic to both maximise floor space and reflect the building’s artistic past. Square hallways, angular staircases and circular windows serve as constant reminders of the building’s heritage – encouraging expression whilst serving as eye-catching focus points. 

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The pinnacle of Little In Sight’s three storeys, cladded decking areas provide platforms of inspiration, offering a hidden retreat that is within seconds of the colourful backdrop of St. Ives harbour. Using mostly black and white fixtures, the rustic exterior design of the house deceptively hides its newly renovated features, keeping its relationship with the existing surroundings in tact.

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“Cornwall Planning Group guided me through a vast renovation of a small property in St. Ives. Their exciting designs respected the character and original footprint of the house, whilst providing much needed updating and improving of interior and exterior spaces. Completely satisfied with their work.” – Mr P Grierson

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