Sea Crest

Marazion, Cornwall
Residential Dwellings
Beach House Collection

Despite its unsuspecting exterior which was previously dark, dull and uninviting, behind Sea Crest’s front door is a charmingly renovated three storey, two bedroom home. Located in the historic fishing village of Marazion, the infectious enthusiasm of our client resulted in a truly unique design.

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Briefed to open the house up to allow guests to not only see, but breathe in the Cornish seaside surrounding them, the highlight of Sea Crest comes in the form of a stunning roof terrace. Providing guests with an extraordinary private viewing platform, this open space adorned with wooden decking allows for premium views of the nearby St. Michael’s Mount. 

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Externally, the historic terraced property was modernised through the addition of Velux roof lights and slated dormer doorway access. Now visually striking and invitingly spacious, Sea Crest reflects the robust, practical history of the property whilst embracing its modern functionality – making it ideal for both short stays or long, lively summers. 

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“Not only did Chris and his team design a magnificent house which was wholly within the brief and yet wholly beyond expectation, they also successfully navigated the planning process with a rigorous approach backed up with strategy and knowledge.” – Mrs R Menear

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Currently, the property is being let as a holiday home through Aspects Holidays.